New Year 🎊

🌠🎇   H e y  🎇🌠

Wherever you are in the world, let me wish you a happy new year. All the best for 2016 😊

31/12 Health update : last time I had a strep throat, today this has proved to be the mononucleosis. Yeah I know I'm never ill. That's why my body found it would be great to be sick in Canada to allow me to enjoy more the rest of my time here. A lot of rest is needed. That's it
My CANADIAN Christmas


Christmas Eve, my family and I finished to decorate our tree. This is their tradition. My body, weak as it was, couldn’t make something too special so we just went to Church. It was a great and friendly celebration. 🎄


The 25th we had a dinner composed mostly with turkey. We also opened the presents. I got a lot of chocolate and some other little stuff. I really appreciate all that attention from my family 🎁

Snow is coming to town

007Two days later, it began to snow. In a few hours all the houses had white roofs and we couldn’t see the road anymore. It is currently still snowing. My only way of enjoying it is to have some walks but I’m currently unable to go sledding 🏂


White landscapes ❄️ So much beauty ⛄️

Some sweetness

021Did you ever heard about s’mores? It is a typical American snack. Milk chocolate, little marshmallows in the oven and honey biscuits. Do I really have to tell you that my friends & I enjoyed it a lot? 😋

03/01 Health update : I am feeling a lot better. My skin is still very itchy but I can handle it much better. My throat is fine. Just a little bit tired 💤

26 days left

I’ll be okay

xoxo peop’s