Half passed away 🎂

Hey I’m 16!🎀

The two first weeks of November were great. Finally I spent the day of Halloween with friends doing trick or treat. We got so many candies and chips that I distribute it to other people. We had a lot of fun. I also went with my family to a haunted house and we walked in the Historic Gardens during the night with people surprising us. 👻

November 4th ; autumn maple leaves and the Queen Ann Inn. It is a historic house.

November 4th was an amazing day. I got packages, letters, gifts and many messages. My English class sang me happy  birthday. At 5 pm one friend of mine knelt to my door with a pie. My sister Asli had made a collage with post-its. It was so cute. I will never forget that. The family with whom I often go hiking invite me because they were planning to cook Poutine. They come from Quebec so they did it very well. It is a bed&breakfast so there were people from all around the world at the table. They sang HB in French Quebecois, German, English, Dutch, Turkish and Czech. So thanks to everybody. 💋💋💋








During weekends I usually go out with friends. Last weekend we went to Halifax with all the other exchange student. Half-day shopping and in the evening we went to a hockey game match. I spent more time with friends than shopping so I only got 2 sweaters from American Eagle but they are sweet and warm. The hockey game was in a big stadium. We were supporting the Halifax Mooseheads but they lost 2-3. For a first hockey match I was pretty impressed by the violence. People told me it’s usual that they fight. A hockey game without punches isn’t a real one.The annoying part is that the way between Annapolis Royal and Halifax is 2:30. 🙎🚍


I also would like to mention that on Remembrance Day my school organized a beautiful assemble. 
My family and I were a lot touched by the last world's events. #Prayfortheworld 🌍🙏

Take care, see you soon 😘

My fav quote this month is

November 14th was the half of my journey. I can’t believe it!