First month 🍁

Hello! I think it’s maybe time now to go more in details. Each month, I will explain you my situation about school, friends, family, … Furthermore, these last weeks, I had the opportunity to visit the area of Annapolis Valley. Some pictures back in time to resume this first incredible month in Nova Scotia.

Souvenirs of Montreal. Lots of love!
Never heard about Jet Boating? Go on Youtube! This one was in Montreal and I was sitting at the corner (worst place ever ahah)
022 - Copie
1 – Graveyard walk 2- Visit of Port-Royal
At Port-Royal with Asli, my sister and this cute smily Wyatt
I got my first marks and they are pretty good! 💯 They are still some notions in math that I don't get but anyway, it's cool. I had a presentation in English, so scary to speak English in front of all a class! But I succeeded. After school on Thursday, I've yoga lesson. That's perfect. My schedule is day by day more filled with new things.
New compilationnnn
067 - Copie
1- Visiting Annapolis Royal with Sarah! 2- Watching the eclipse with Asli. Incredible!
After one whole month at school, I begin having good friends. It takes time cause Canadians are very friendly but to be really integrated in their friend group, you'll need patience. But don't worry, I never feel alone 😉
At school, some paint for Terry Fox run!
FAMILY 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧
I get along with them very well. Unfortunately, I don't see my mother a lot because she works very far. My father is funny and so good cooker! 🍳 My host sister, Asli, is amazinggggg. Big love sis💕


This Friday I went in Digby to support my volleyball team. It was so much fun! Actually, I tried to integrate the volleyball team but they have a so good level and I never played so it wasn’t possible. I’m currently trying for basketball (but same problem aha).

034 - Copie

This Sunday, I went hiking on Milford House Trail. It was really nice!

MMH... This first month went too quickly. Good point : I improve in English. I feel it. Ask friends on Skype, they're already some words I forgot French ahaha! I also have problem to write on an AZERTY keyboard. Yeah, now I'm used to QWERTY. I feel so good here, don't want to leave in 4 months. CANADA 🍁❤️

See ya next week, it’s Thanksgiving! 🎉 xoxo