Orientation days 🚣

Hello! Last week, I spent 2 days in a holiday camp named Brigadoon Village near Kentville. Really cute place surrounds by lakes and forests (like all Nova Scotia actually aha!). It was an orientation before let us really live our own adventure. We were with other exchange students from the region ; 150 peoples with one interest in common, travelling. They come from all around the world : Australia, Denmark, Mexico, Thailand, Italy, Brazil,… We were 3 girls from Belgium!

Try to find meeee! (I am in the front of the photo, holding the white sign and a Belgium flag)

We separated in groups to make activities like painting, canoeing, cooking, … It was great! I met really incredible peoples!



This is all the peoples my coordinator is carrying about👌┬áSunday, we’ll go together to a corn maze. Sounds greaaaat!🌽


See you soon for my next post! x