Back to school 📚

Thursday, September 3rd, back to school! I was serene, ready to learn surrounded by new walls. Luckily, I had Asli by my side!

ℑndeed, Canadians don't have the same school system as we do in Belgium. Their year is divided into semesters. Each semester, they change their courses. Canadian students begin in Grade 1 to Grade 12 🎓. But even if you're in Grade 11 you can take course of Grade 12. That's what I do 😉.
Lockers! Here are they ✌
The relationship between teachers & students is very different. They are very friendly (Sometimes too much! For some, I already know a lot about their life). For example, the first thing my biology teacher said to me is "Oh you look so gorgeous!". That's not really the kind of thing we will have in Belgium haha!😏 

I've 4 courses a day but 5 different during the week. Each course lasts for 1:20. I begin school at 9 am and finish at 3:20 pm. Lunch pause lasts for 40 minutes. 
* Agri-foods 11
* English 11
* Biology 12
* Global Geography 12
* Pre-cal (Advanced maths) 12
My class of biology!
My class of biology!
1- Our gymnasium 2- Swaggy school buses!
This is the cafeteria, place of meeting and for lunch.


This is my school! I’ll have to work a lot. To understand the course isn’t a problem for me. The biggest problem I have is when I want to speak and I don’t find the words I would like to say 😅. And for the curious, we are 6 exchange students in AWEC. Tomorrow, I have a camp for all the international students of the region. (special thank to Janelle for the pics!😘) x