Home sweet home 🏡

Hello 👋

I’m finally back home. I left Canada on 30th January. After a first stop in Montreal, a flight above Greenland and Iceland, I have been welcomed by my family and my best friends. But let’s first remember what happened to me in January…

Playing in the snow

Obviously, I built up a snowman, did snowball fights and drew angels 😝


We actually got a pretty big amount of snow during the two last weeks of January. Because of that, two days during the week were cancelled at school. Those special days are called “snow days” ❄️⛄️



The new semester with the new classes begins on February 1st so we had to close the first one with a little week of exams. So during 2 days, I took 4 exams : Math, English, Biology and Geography. I don’t know my mark yet ; the deliverance of the report card will be around the half of February.  📚



I spent my last weekend packing and meeting friends. I can tell you that I finally tasted the pumpkin pie. I cooked it with one of my best friend, it was delicious! 🍰😋

My family and I also went to the mall of Halifax to buy me a new suitcase. So I ended in the airport with two big suitcases. Luckily I succeeded to share the weight of it : both were 22.9 kg (max of 23 kg)!

















I would like to thank all the people that supported me and helped me to realize this incredible adventure especially my family and host family. ❤️



+ big up to the  people that made me an awesome welcome when I came back where I belong

New Year 🎊

🌠🎇   H e y  🎇🌠

Wherever you are in the world, let me wish you a happy new year. All the best for 2016 😊

31/12 Health update : last time I had a strep throat, today this has proved to be the mononucleosis. Yeah I know I'm never ill. That's why my body found it would be great to be sick in Canada to allow me to enjoy more the rest of my time here. A lot of rest is needed. That's it
My CANADIAN Christmas


Christmas Eve, my family and I finished to decorate our tree. This is their tradition. My body, weak as it was, couldn’t make something too special so we just went to Church. It was a great and friendly celebration. 🎄


The 25th we had a dinner composed mostly with turkey. We also opened the presents. I got a lot of chocolate and some other little stuff. I really appreciate all that attention from my family 🎁

Snow is coming to town

007Two days later, it began to snow. In a few hours all the houses had white roofs and we couldn’t see the road anymore. It is currently still snowing. My only way of enjoying it is to have some walks but I’m currently unable to go sledding 🏂


White landscapes ❄️ So much beauty ⛄️

Some sweetness

021Did you ever heard about s’mores? It is a typical American snack. Milk chocolate, little marshmallows in the oven and honey biscuits. Do I really have to tell you that my friends & I enjoyed it a lot? 😋

03/01 Health update : I am feeling a lot better. My skin is still very itchy but I can handle it much better. My throat is fine. Just a little bit tired 💤

26 days left

I’ll be okay

xoxo peop’s



Christmas is coming 🎄

Hello people!👋

Hope everything is fine for you and that you are getting ready for the celebrations. Unfortunately, I am currently sick.  Three days that I have a strep throat. We went to the hospital, I got medicines, I’ll be soon better.

On November 19th I got my first Report Card! All the marks were really good (86% of average) ☺️.

The following week we got 2 days of holiday. My German friend & I found the opportunity to go biking. It was really nice 🚴. The day after I went with some friends to a little mall not too far away from home. It was black Friday (big sold).


Gradually, December arrived. My town was decorated with lights and house began to show colors too 🔆 I have to admit that people here are sometimes crazy. Some houses are so bright, full of snowman, Santa, reindeer and Christmas trees 🎄 It is actually really nice to drive by night to enjoy it. I’ll try to take pictures next time for you!

I went out on weekends, did some Christmas shopping, wrapped the presents 🎀 At school, we offered our gifts the last day before holiday 🎁 It was really fun🎈

You might receive a holiday letter if you know me well 💌! I sent many many letters to Belgium. I hope you will all enjoy it 📬

When holiday are coming, you feel it a lot at school. We had small trees all around the school, homemade paper snowflakes on the locker, free cookies and hot chocolate during the break, etc. The last day we had to wear an ugly Christmas sweater 😄. Thursday evening, we had a semi-formal dance : Winter Wonderland. I had a really good time!  💃👯


However, the last week before the Christmas break, I had a lot of work. I figured out and now I can finally enjoy 2 weeks of relaxation. My host sister left Canada to join her missed family. She’ll be soon back home. During this time, I have some plans like going ice-skating, cooking some festive food, spending time with my lovely family, having fun. Hope it will soon snow! The northern part of Nova Scotia is currently all white. I am actually living in the south part so yeah, a few snowflakes but nothing much. ❄️☃

To be forgiven for my absence, I created another short video with some nice landscapes 🎥



To conclude this post, I would like to share you one of my Christmas present. She’s so talented and her drawing is definitely so cute 🎨 Thanks Kiera!




Wishing you happy holidays, a lot of joy, stay safe & sound

Lots of love 😋😘❤️‍💋‍



Half passed away 🎂

Hey I’m 16!🎀

The two first weeks of November were great. Finally I spent the day of Halloween with friends doing trick or treat. We got so many candies and chips that I distribute it to other people. We had a lot of fun. I also went with my family to a haunted house and we walked in the Historic Gardens during the night with people surprising us. 👻

November 4th ; autumn maple leaves and the Queen Ann Inn. It is a historic house.

November 4th was an amazing day. I got packages, letters, gifts and many messages. My English class sang me happy  birthday. At 5 pm one friend of mine knelt to my door with a pie. My sister Asli had made a collage with post-its. It was so cute. I will never forget that. The family with whom I often go hiking invite me because they were planning to cook Poutine. They come from Quebec so they did it very well. It is a bed&breakfast so there were people from all around the world at the table. They sang HB in French Quebecois, German, English, Dutch, Turkish and Czech. So thanks to everybody. 💋💋💋








During weekends I usually go out with friends. Last weekend we went to Halifax with all the other exchange student. Half-day shopping and in the evening we went to a hockey game match. I spent more time with friends than shopping so I only got 2 sweaters from American Eagle but they are sweet and warm. The hockey game was in a big stadium. We were supporting the Halifax Mooseheads but they lost 2-3. For a first hockey match I was pretty impressed by the violence. People told me it’s usual that they fight. A hockey game without punches isn’t a real one.The annoying part is that the way between Annapolis Royal and Halifax is 2:30. 🙎🚍


I also would like to mention that on Remembrance Day my school organized a beautiful assemble. 
My family and I were a lot touched by the last world's events. #Prayfortheworld 🌍🙏

Take care, see you soon 😘

My fav quote this month is

November 14th was the half of my journey. I can’t believe it!


Halloween mood 🎃

Hi people! 👋

It’s been a long time, I had busy weeks. Yesterday I “celebrated” 2 months here. Time goes so fast! It’s now the end of the month, time to go over all what filled my schedule.

October 17th

I went with other exchange students apple picking and to the famous restaurant Halls Harbour, well known for their lobsters. We had good time and I bring back a big bag of delicious apples at home. 🍎🐳🐟


Image-1 (1)
I admit that I was very scared to carry this huge lobster!
I like my teachers! They are all really nice, almost friends. I love their way to pronounce my name ahah. My best marks are in Agri-Foods and English, then Biology, Geography and Pre-Cal (math).The first time you do presentations you are pretty scared. Scared people won't understand the way you talk with your accent while under stress ; whatever your efforts are, you will always keep that "cute french accent". But finally everything is okay. I have the chance to have great classmates with whom I feel confident.
weekly hikes

Those last Sundays, I went hiking with a friends’ family. I enjoyed views on the bay of Fundy, on the colourful forest and even on a waterfall.

Image-1 (2)


Alrighty, mission accomplished 💪 love love friends
October 24th

I went with my family to Digby to do some shopping. I wanted to found a nice costume. Finally it’s my mother that had the idea of me being a scary bride. At the end I had all the items to create my dress. On October 29th my school organized a Halloween Dance. It was funny cause people here don’t tell you that you look creepy. They tell you “Oh you look so awesome that’s cute!”. Anyway, we had fun!  👻💃
036 037

FAMILY 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧
Cute daughter I am, I often tease my parents and annoy them. But they keep telling me I am a good company aha. Ask Asli, I am the only girl in the world that ever wake her to wish her happy birthday at midnight while she was sleeping. I feel loved right in this pink house 😛
rANDOM stuff
Supporting my volleyball team. 3,2,1 AWEC!
Image-1 (4)
1- Say hello to my math teacher! Some people dressed up for Halloween, he was a hot-dog please ahah 2- Pumpkin carving! 3- That’s how I looked today, with Daija x
As usual my panoramas compilation
Watching the sun set over Annapolis Royal makes you fall in love


That was it, hope you enjoyed it. Talk to you soon, I am soon turning 16 😏🎉! xoxo pep’s

Thanksgiving wkd 🐔

Hi! I had a busy weekend. The month of October is more intense because of the changing of season and the diversity of activities to do. Let me tell you that fall here isn’t a cliché. It’s really beautiful! Autumn in Canada is more than I expected 😍

So on Sunday my family celebrated Thanksgiving. We shared a big turkey with some guests.

So many different dishes (thanks Eugenio for the turkey aha!) Everything to fill your stomach!

Yesterday I had a day off. My family decided to take Asli & I to the National Historic Park of Nova Scotia. It’s called Kejimkujik. We learned about the First Nations and enjoyed the landscapes.



049 - Copie



089 - Copie


How to tell you that my eyes were shining?

miss you all, xoxo

First month 🍁

Hello! I think it’s maybe time now to go more in details. Each month, I will explain you my situation about school, friends, family, … Furthermore, these last weeks, I had the opportunity to visit the area of Annapolis Valley. Some pictures back in time to resume this first incredible month in Nova Scotia.

Souvenirs of Montreal. Lots of love!
Never heard about Jet Boating? Go on Youtube! This one was in Montreal and I was sitting at the corner (worst place ever ahah)
022 - Copie
1 – Graveyard walk 2- Visit of Port-Royal
At Port-Royal with Asli, my sister and this cute smily Wyatt
I got my first marks and they are pretty good! 💯 They are still some notions in math that I don't get but anyway, it's cool. I had a presentation in English, so scary to speak English in front of all a class! But I succeeded. After school on Thursday, I've yoga lesson. That's perfect. My schedule is day by day more filled with new things.
New compilationnnn
067 - Copie
1- Visiting Annapolis Royal with Sarah! 2- Watching the eclipse with Asli. Incredible!
After one whole month at school, I begin having good friends. It takes time cause Canadians are very friendly but to be really integrated in their friend group, you'll need patience. But don't worry, I never feel alone 😉
At school, some paint for Terry Fox run!
FAMILY 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧
I get along with them very well. Unfortunately, I don't see my mother a lot because she works very far. My father is funny and so good cooker! 🍳 My host sister, Asli, is amazinggggg. Big love sis💕


This Friday I went in Digby to support my volleyball team. It was so much fun! Actually, I tried to integrate the volleyball team but they have a so good level and I never played so it wasn’t possible. I’m currently trying for basketball (but same problem aha).

034 - Copie

This Sunday, I went hiking on Milford House Trail. It was really nice!

MMH... This first month went too quickly. Good point : I improve in English. I feel it. Ask friends on Skype, they're already some words I forgot French ahaha! I also have problem to write on an AZERTY keyboard. Yeah, now I'm used to QWERTY. I feel so good here, don't want to leave in 4 months. CANADA 🍁❤️

See ya next week, it’s Thanksgiving! 🎉 xoxo


Wanna dream? 💭

 I wasn’t lying when I told you that Nova Scotia is a colorful region. Let’s have a journey with the first pictures I took… 🌄🌅
Afternoon at Grand Lake Flowage
Peggy’s cove!


Visit of Port-Royal
Peaceful river, water everywhereeeeee!
Some panoramas. Just to show you a bit the beauty of the landscapes here.



🎇 And finish the day with some fireworks 🎆

Orientation days 🚣

Hello! Last week, I spent 2 days in a holiday camp named Brigadoon Village near Kentville. Really cute place surrounds by lakes and forests (like all Nova Scotia actually aha!). It was an orientation before let us really live our own adventure. We were with other exchange students from the region ; 150 peoples with one interest in common, travelling. They come from all around the world : Australia, Denmark, Mexico, Thailand, Italy, Brazil,… We were 3 girls from Belgium!

Try to find meeee! (I am in the front of the photo, holding the white sign and a Belgium flag)

We separated in groups to make activities like painting, canoeing, cooking, … It was great! I met really incredible peoples!



This is all the peoples my coordinator is carrying about👌 Sunday, we’ll go together to a corn maze. Sounds greaaaat!🌽


See you soon for my next post! x